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1. a.d. atas dasar at, on the basis of
2. A.H. anno hejirae {following dates in the Islamic calendar}
3. a.i. ad interim acting, temporary
4. a.l. antara lain inter alia, among others, amont other things
5. A.M. sebelum tengah hari ante meridian, before noon
6. a.n. atas nama in the name of (...); on behalf of (...)
7. a.n.b. atas nama beliau in his/her name, on his/her behalf
8. a.p. atas perintah on the orders of, by orders of
9. a.s. alaihi salam Upon him be peace {after the names of Islamic prophets other than Mohammad}
10. A/O Account Officer
11. AA 1. Asia Afrika; 2. asisten apoteker 1. AsiaAfrica; 2. assistant pharmacist
12. AAI Asosiasi Advokat Indonesia Indonesian Advocates
13. AAL Akademi Angkatan Laut Naval Academy
14. AAO Assistant Account Officer
15. AB 1. Anggaran Belanja; 2. Angkatan Bersenjata 1. budget; 2. armed forces
16. ABG anak baru ged adolescent, teenager
17. ABN Anggaran Belanja Negara national budget {expenditure}
18. ABRI Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia
19. Abrip Ajun Brigadir Polisi Senior Police Corpral
20. Abripda Ajun Brigadir Polisi II Police Corporal 2nd Class
21. Abriptu Ajun Brigadir Polisi I Police Corporal 1st Class
22. ABS asal bapak senang as long as the boss is happy percakapan
23. ABT 1. Anggaran Belanja Tahunan; 2. Anggaran Belanja Tambahan 1. Annual Budget; 2. Supplementary Budget
24. AC 1. air conditioning, air conditioner; 2. alternating current
25. ACC accord; approved, agreed
26. ACD anti celana dalam antipanties {militant female high school and university students in Bandung, c. 1968}
27. ACDC biseksual bisexual
28. ACI aku cinta Indonesia
29. AD 1. Angkatan Darat; 2. Anggaran Dasar; 3. anno domini 1. army (ground forces); 2. statutes, bylaws, articles of association, constitution; 3. anno domini
30. ADB Asian Development Bank
31. ADIA Akademi Dinas Ilmu Agama Government Academy for Religious Studies (Islamic)
32. Adpel administrasi pelabuhan harbour/port administration
33. ADPI Asosiasi Dana Pensiun Indonesia Association of Indonesian Pension Funds
34. ADRI Angkatan Darat Republik Indonesia Indonesian Army {revolutionary era}
35. AEI Asosiasi Emiten Indonesia Indonesian Public Companies Association {not the public companies, but the issuers} asosiasi
36. AEKI Asosiasi Eksportir Kopi Indonesia Indonesian Coffee Exporters Association
37. AF audio frequency
38. AFA ASEAN Federation of Accountants
39. AG Asian Games
40. Agus agak gundul sedikit {jocular:} rather bald humor
41. AICE Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters
42. AICESSCC Association of Indonesia-China Economic, Social and Cultural Cooperation
43. AIMMI Asosiasi Industri Minyak Makan Indonesia Association of Indonesian Edible Oil Industries asosiasi
44. AIP Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran Academy of Maritime Science(s)
45. Aipda Ajun Inspektur II Junior Second Lieutenant {Indonesia National Police}
46. AIPI Asosisasi Ilmu Politik Indonesia Association of Indonesian Political Scientists
47. AIPO ASEAN InterParliamentary Organization
48. Aiptu Ajun Inspektur I Junior First Lieutenant {Indonesia National Police}
49. AJB Akta Jual Beli Deed of Sale
50. AJI Aliansi Jurnalis Independen Alliance of Independent Journalists